Phased arrays UT

Phased Array (PA) is a modern ultrasonic testing technique which is used in nondestructive testing applications in industrial facilities such as Power Stations, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Heavy Industry & Manufacturing and Transportation. The PA probe consists of 16 up to 256 individual elements which each one can be handled separately. These elements can be excited with different time delay shaping a steered single wavefront propagating in the desired direction. Different manipulation of elements leads to several ultrasonic beam and wavefront profiles. Successively the reception mechanism combined the received signals into a unique presentation of A, B, C & S Scan.

PA testing method offers some advantages in comparison to conventional UT such as beam steering, eliminating false calls, inspection of complex geometries, faster inspection process and mapping of components. Additionally, the ability to handle the beam shape and size to optimize the possibility of accurate detection, improve the signal-to-noise ratio and multiple-angle inspection. Finally, the PA devices provide the ability to save and transfer the scanning data to process them at any time resulting in high accuracy results and the added benefit of a permanent inspection results record.


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