Surface replicas / Catfines examination
Surface replica examination and catfines analysis

In certain situations surface replicas are required for further examination. Such situations arise when it is not possible to obtain a sample for further study in the Laboratory. For example in failure analysis studies or for studying surfaces features for wear, corrosion, damage by catalyst fines etc. replicas can be used to obtain a copy of the surface to be examined under the microscope.

The application of the liquid replication media is a process that does not require highly trained personnel to produce. We provide the necessary kit and instructions that if followed will produce replicas for further examination in the Laboratory by our expert Engineers.

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Following the regulation changes regarding the use of low sulfur fuels, catalytic fines (catfines) have been a serious problem for normal engine operation. As such, there has been observed a steep increase in the amount of cases related to catfines induced damage on cylinder liners, piston rings, diesel generators sets and other components. In line with the demand, a catfines analysis service has been launched where the laboratory can provide sampling services or the Client can provide the replicas using our provided surface replicas kit.

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The Laboratory can then perform a simple analysis for the existence or not of catfines. Furthermore particles' areal density, particles' size distribution and other such related information can be provided in order to enhance the understanding of the problem. 

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In addition to the catfines examination, replicas can be used after honing to deduce if the honing depth was sufficient and also if the honing pattern produced was effective.

Our long experience and expertise can assist you with catfines related problems to perform root cause analysis and also to support a claim, if necessary.