Eddy Currents testing

Eddy Current Testing utilizes electromagnetic induction to detect discontinuities in conductive materials. The electrical conductivity variations or magnetic permeability of the test-part or the presence of any discontinuities will cause a change in eddy current and a corresponding change in phases and amplitude of the measured current.  The changes are shown on a screen for easy interpretation. The detection of very small cracks in or near the surface of the test part even on physically complex geometries can be investigated.

Other parallel uses of the technique include electrical conductivity measurement and coating thickness measurement without requiring any couplant.

Tests are performed according to ISO 15549, ASTM E309, ASTM E426.


  • Checking for surface breaking cracks on metal
  • Metal tube inspection for discontinuities
  • Heat treat verification of metals
  • Checking conductivity of metals, thickness of coatings and metallization.
  • Inspection of friction stir welds.
  • Testing gas turbine blades
  • Inspection of cast iron parts