SpectrumNDT has a team of expert NDT engineers, naval architects, marine engineers, materials and metallurgical engineers that can assist and provide consulting support.

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With over 50 new buildings inspected in the Far-East region, we have established a unique support team with in-house technical experts for Level III NDT services, coating inspection and welding engineering. Among other things we can suuport in the following:

  • Interpretation of codes, standards and other contractual documents that control the non-destructive testing quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) of your project
  • Guidance in selecting the most appropriate method and technique in order to perform a specific inspection
  • Preparation and verification of the adequacy of the procedures for the method being certified
  • Approval of non-destructive testing procedures, ITPs and other NDT related work instructions for technical adequacy
  • Specific training, support and technology transfer to site team management and technical members of staff


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ITP assessment and review

Level III NDT services for Inspection and Test Plan assessment and review, procedure preparation and support on QA/QC matters.


Claims support

A strong team of technical experts are available to assist in claims support and as expert witnesses. Metallurgical failures, NDT related issues, coating failures, catfines related engine problems, we have collective experience that ensures a professional level of support.