Coating Inspection
Coating Inspection

Protective coating systems play a significant role in keeping assets protected against the elements. It takes deep knowledge of the various systems, their application characteristics, surface preparation requirements to assess the value of a coating system once applied or after some time in service. Our certified AMPP (NACE), FROSIO, BGAS coating inspectors play a vital role in delivering systems according to specifications. SpectrumNDT can assist you in:

  • coating job specification
  • coating procedure review
  • pre-job meeting
  • surface preparation testing
  • coating application inspection and testing
  • coating application assessment
  • coating system failure analysis


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A large variety of testing can be performed including:

  • pull-off adhesion test (ASTM D4541, ISO 4624)
  • PIG testing
  • Cross/X-cut adhesion test (ISO 2409, ASTM D3359)
  • Bressle patch salt test (ISO 8502-6, ISO 8502-9)
  • Surface roughness testing (ISO 2808)
  • Surface dust cleanliness testing (ISO 8502-3)
  • Abrasive tests
  • Wet and Dry film thickness measurement WFT, DFT (ASTM B244, ISO 2808, ISO 19840)


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